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SCS Franchise

    Our mission is to help people live a healthier and happier life.
    We highly value the professionalism and the dedication of our employees, therefore we provide for them good working conditions and opportunities for personal and professional growth.
    We strive to manage our company resources in the best way possible and to guarantee long term financial security for our employees and shareholders.
    SCS Franchise JSCo offers to its clients both high quality products and first class services.
    In all the pharmacies we manage and keep supplied, we try to add value for our clients and help them choose the right product.
    We work with zest to achieve our goals and turn our pharmacies into centers for prevention and help our clients look good and live a life of full value.  
Business model
    We believe consumers’ satisfaction is ground for success.
    Therefore all processes not directly connected to servicing clients are managed at central level.
    Personnel recruiting, contracting, merchandising, price formation, information, accounting, administrative and legal services are prime activities, for which we offer professional solutions to our clients.
    This is how we make it possible for our pharmacies to focus on the most important – our clients.
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